[Gimjang] gimjang, Making and Sharing gimchi 본문

[Gimjang] gimjang, Making and Sharing gimchi

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[Gimjang] gimjang(kimjang), Making and Sharing gimchi(kimchi)

Whassupall the fans of Tong?


Today, we will talk about unknown, but famous tradition among Koreans.

Have you heard about gimjang?

If no, you have to read this article today!

Let's bring it!

Gimchi is the Korean name for preserved vegetables seasoned with spices and fermented seafood.

Tong believes you all know this.

It forms an essential part of Korean meals, transcending class and regional differences.

You also know this.

Gimjang basically calls a cooking procedure for Gimchi.

Kimchi's base is asian cabages and it cannot be harvested during the winter time.

Also, even kindagarten kids know we did not have a freezer in long time ago.


Then, how to eat Gimchi during winter time?

Stop eating? That would not be a solution.


What Koreans found was to cook large amount of Gimchi prior to winter

and preserve them to adequate place with certain temperature.


Since then, until refrigerator was invented, Koreans gathered together and cooked Gimchi for winter(Gimjang)

with whole family and neighbors!


As a result,




it is collective practice reaffirming Korean identity 

and an opportunity of strengthening family cooperation. 

It is also an important reminder for many Koreans 

that human communities need to live in harmony with nature. 

Long time ago, Gimjang was described as a yearly process.

In spring, households procure shrimp, anchovy and other seafood for salting and fermenting. 

In summer, they buy sea salt for the brine. In late summer, red chilli peppers are dried and ground into powder. 

Late autumn is Gimjang season, when communities collectively make and share large quantities of Gimchi to ensure that every household has enough to sustain it through the long, harsh winter. 

Housewives monitor weather forecasts to determine the most favourable date

and temperature for preparing Gimchi. 

Innovative skills and creative ideas are shared 

and accumulated during the custom of exchanging Gimchi among households. 

There are regional differences, and the specific methods 

and ingredients used in Gimjang are considered an important family heritage, 

typically transmitted from a mother-in-law to her newly married daughter-in-law.

(UNESCO youtube)


Korean Unique traditional culture, Gimjang! 

Kimjang contains meaning of JOY, SHARE, HAPPY!

Are you getting closer to Gimchi and Gimjang?


Hope to say yes!! :)

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