[halloween][party] Ghosts haunt me! It is time to celebrate Halloween!! 본문

[halloween][party] Ghosts haunt me! It is time to celebrate Halloween!!

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Ghosts haunt me! It is time to celebrate Halloween!!





all the fans of Tong's Global Seodaemun column?!

I'm back finally!

(hope you clapping hands for me, instead of booing T_T)


All you who were grown up in Western culture,

you know what to be prepared at the last day of October!



<from Google image search, "Halloween Costumes">


The answer is,

Your costumes!!



because it is Halloween!!




<trick or treat? - Google image search>


As you may all know, Halloween was originated from the Western Christian belief.

There are several myths about the actual origin of Halloween, such as


"when Hallowen day, evil ghosts come down to the world to take your soul away, you have to kick the ghosts out through wearing eery costumes so you can scare them" 




"At the Halloween day, all dead people, including saints, martyrs, and all the faithful belivers visits our world. To protect them from death, you confront against the power of death with your costumes & artifacts"




Later, when religion was NOT able to govern the world anymore, fright against ghosts have gone.

However, costumes and dancing reamined!

Halloween became more likely 'festival' rather than 'the day of fear'


Therefore, all the artifacts of Halloween, such as costumes and jack-o-lantern, became the symbols of Halloween!


<from Google image search - 'jack-o-lantern'>


For kids, it is a special time to get close to your friends & neighbors.

How? Through 'trick-or-treat!'



<Google image search - 'trick-or-treat'>


Are you going to 'collect' candies or a buck?

Are you going to 'donate' candies or a buck?

Unfortunately, Tong has to take 2nd option T_T





In Korea,

Halloween becomes a sort of festival for youngsters!

Young boys and girls going to,


Hongdae, Itaewon, Shincho, and Gangnam to celebrate their own halloween.

Year and year goes, the tendency of wearing halloween costume is being more frequent!


Of course,

There are some critics against how youngers celebrate the halloween,

which is NOT Korean tradition.


Tong's opinion: as aways, too much is bad, but enough is good. Don't you think?


I am not going to judge whether the criticism is right or not.

However, I want you to know that


You have an opportunity to enjoy your halloween in Korea!


Having fun y'all!!!

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