[August 15th][independence][festival] Inviting you! Independence-Democracy Festival! 본문

[August 15th][independence][festival] Inviting you! Independence-Democracy Festival!

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[August 15th][independence][festival]

Inviting you! Independence-Democracy Festival!



Whasssup everyone!!!

Are you having fun in Korea?



hope you're saying



Last time, we introduced you to know about Korean National Liberation Day


explained how much it is important!




To honor Korean Ancestors' sacrifice,

Seodaemun Gu delivers [Annual Independence-Democracy Festival]!

This festival is designed to

not only commemorate the sacrifice & independence,

but also celebrate & bring fun about the festival!


Through joining the festival,

you would meet entertainment, historical meaning, and past history of Korea at the same time!


Today, Tong will introduce you more about the festival :

regarding how it has been started, what kinds of event are in there, and location to participate!






Back in 2010, Seodaemun Gu has begun 'Foot Printing Celebration'

which is leaving foot print of alive patriots who sacrificed themselves for the liberation of Korea.


Since 2011, the celebration event got expanded to festival

to invite more people to come and commemorate.


The festival stood up as one of the top events in Seoul City to remember

the meaning of independence & liberation in Korea!


The year of 2014, Seodaemun Gu invites all of you to remind one of the most important days in Korean history

while you come and joy the festival!








[Independence-Democracy Festival] will be held in 2 days (15th ~ 16th)

So many events are waiting for you guys!!


Among them, I want you to introduce some attractive events what can pull your interests out.


1) Watergun battle : Army for Independenve VS Japanise Imperialism



Do you still miss Sinchon watergun festival?

Then, why not coming to this event?


Of course, it will be much smaller then Sinchon's battle,

but you will have an unique experience as being a member of Korean Army for Independence!


2) Opening Concert



At the opening concert, you will meet the chance to listen to traditional Korean music!

In addition, we invited more singers to make you fun!


Kim, Jang-Hoon will show you "what the real concert would be"

His concert had been chosen as "the most interesting & exciting concert" several times already!

Currently, he focuses social issues more, but still, his spirit of concert alive.

Not sure? then, come and check it!



Second, we want to introduce Dickpunks!

They stepped onto stardom after appered a famous Korean audition show,

"Super Star K : Season 4"

As a punky and fun band, they are ready to make you exciting!!




3) Foot Printing Celebration





Like we mentioned above, Foot Printing Celebration is one of the core events in this festival.

We praise Korean ancestors' sacrifice for national liberation

while accusing brutality by Japanese Imperialism!


Some banners are made in English so you would also understand

what kinds of tragedy had happened in Korea.






The location of this festival, Seodaemun Hyundmooso (Prison) History Museum,

contains heartbreaking grief of Koreans


This is why Seodaemun Gu holds this festival at the museum.

This place used to be a prison back in 1940s

When Korea was governed by Japanese Imperialism.

Too many patriots lost their lives and others got tortured


Therefore, we kindly ask reminding Korean history and sacrifice of people

when you enter the festival place!


To come here, please check the map below



(we apologize you that we do not have an English map)



Line No.3, Dongnimun Station, Exit No. 5 (toward Dokrip Kongwon direction)



Get off at Hyunjeo dong or Dongnimum Bus Stop

          Blue Bus : 471, 701, 702, 703, 704, 720, 752
          Green Bus : 7019, 7021, 7023, 7025, 7712, 7737
          Red Bus : 9701, 9703, 9705, 9709, 9710




If you have any further question,

Please let us know!


We will get you asap!


Till all of you meet at the festival,

Stay tuned @ Tong blog!!

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