[Summer][Holiday]Top 3 Best Beaches in Korea! 본문

[Summer][Holiday]Top 3 Best Beaches in Korea!

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Top 3 Best Beaches In Korea!

It's summer time!

When summer holidays begin, many people are planning where to go for holiday!

Going abroad? Soaking up the sun at the beach? Camping?

Many people will be planning what to do for this summer vacation!

If you haven't made any plan yet, why don't you consider to visit famous beach in Korea?

In summer, many Korean are heading to beach and enjoy their time with friends, family, and partner!

It is always packed with so many people!

This time, Tong will introduce you Top 3 Best Beaches in Korea!

If you haven't been any beaches below, you must visit one of them whilst you're in Korea!

1. Haeundae Beach in Busan

Haeundae is a district in the east of Busan 

and is famous as one of the country's main tourist destinations. 

It offers Korea's most famous beach, upmarket hotels,the newest shops and luxury apartments.

Many Korean have happy memories of travelling to Busan to specially spend a hot summer's day 

on the packed beach in Haeundae.

2. Daecheon Beach in Boryeong

Daecheon beach is the best beach on the west coast in Korea. 
It's almost golden-coloured sand is kept cleaner than most. 
Although 3.5km long and up to 100m wide,the beach can still be crowded on summer weekends.
The sea is shallow and calm, 
and in the evening everyone gathers on the beach to watch the sunset and let off fireworks.

3. Gyeongpo Beach in Gangneung

Located 1 km away from Gyeongpodae, 
Gyeongpo Beach is a sand bank formed between Gyeongpo Lake and the ocean. 
This beautiful beach extends to a length of 6 km and is covered with fine sand. 
It is a very well-known tourist attraction in Korea: 
a flawless combination of nature and cultural relics. 

There are other nearby attractions in the area, like the pine forest (4 km) and wild roses, 
which grow in various areas around the beach. 
There is an endless line of tourists, who come to visit the ancient buildings with their incredible scenery, 
like Gyeongpodae and Ojukheon.

In this summer, why don't you planning to visit with your friend, family or partner
top 3 best beaches within Korea?
You will soaked up the sun and have fun there! :)
Enjoy summer holiday everyone! *^^*

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