[Weekend Dating][Sinchon Car-Free Street] A Good Place to Visit in Seoul 본문

[Weekend Dating][Sinchon Car-Free Street] A Good Place to Visit in Seoul

놀러와요 서대문/Global Seodaemun(글로벌서대문) 2014. 6. 5. 15:45

[Weekend Dating][Sinchon Car-Free Street]

 A Good Place to Visit in Seoul 

Are you considering where to go this coming weekend? 

Tong, will introduce you Sinchon Car Free Street, where you can do a lot of things and have fun there!


Sinchon Yonsei-ro Car Free Street is recommend as Dating Place in Seoul!

It is always crowded by many couples, families, foreigners from all over the world! :)

Of course, you are more than welcome to visit in here!

Street magician is playing his performance in Sinchon car free street!

Children is having fun and enjoying their time with family!


Seoul recommended dating place!

Bubble artist is playing his performance!

Wow! :) It looks awesome!

Tong would like to try it one!

I looked back my childhood time there!


▲SIAFF Busking 

Many musician is playing the guitar and enjoying time with audience there!


I feel like I want to sing along as well :)

Can you feel the rhythm? Yeah!!!



Sinchon Car-Free street is stage for not only street artists but also for public!


Grin on people's face in Sinchon Car free street!

Joy, Love, and Fun is surrounded the street!

If you are seeking a place where to go in city centre of Seoul,

I will strongly recommend you to go Sinchon Yonsei-ro Car Free Street!

You will fill up with a lot of fresh energy from many cultural shows and activities even from Korean young people! :)


Would you like to come with me Sinchon Car-Free Street this weekend?

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