[Sinchon][Yonsei-ro]2nd Water Gun Festival 2014 본문

[Sinchon][Yonsei-ro]2nd Water Gun Festival 2014

놀러와요 서대문/Global Seodaemun(글로벌서대문) 2014. 7. 23. 11:29


2nd Water Gun Festival 2014

Is everyone feeling hot?

If you wish to forget about this heatwave while you're in Korea,

Tong will introduce the 2nd Watergun Festival Party in Sinchon Yonseiro.


Of course, it's free to come!

why not join with us?


Before you start, you will need a water gun in order to enjoy this party!

So make sure be ready for it before you step into the festival!

Many people gather in the street and shoot each other with water guns.

It's very fun to do on sunny day with your friends!

Bring your friends as well!

  What is Sinchon Water Gun Festival?

This watergun festival is made that anyone, regardless age, gender, can join together and 

have a great time in Sinchon Car-free street.

Water gun is very familiar to many of you

and this festival will be expected to be the one of famous watergun festival in Seodaemun-gu in the near future.

Last year, 1st Water Gun Festival was held on the same place.

Many people had fun at Sinchon Yonseiro!

Watch this!

You better not to go to the summer theme park to be wet or cool.

just come to Sinchon Yeonsero to enjoy this summer!

  festival schedule?

 26th July (Sat)

 27th July (Sun)

Activities & Others

1:00pm ~1:40pm : Parade

1:40pm ~ 5:30pm : Water Gun Fight

2:00pm : Street Dance

4:00pm : DJ Performance

6:00pm ~ 8pm : After Party 

Activities & Others

1:40pm ~ 5:30pm : Water Gun Fight

2:00pm : Street Dance

4:00pm : DJ Performance

6:00pm ~ 8:00pm : After Party 

Street dance, DJ performance and after party much more!

Many of events are waiting for you!

Not only water gun fight, but also a variety of activities are waiting for you!

This bunch of activities and event will only take place in Sinchon Yonseiro!

You can't miss it!

Please feel free to join in this 2nd annual Water Gun Festival!

Let's blow heatwave away at Sinchon Yonseiro on 26th~27th Jul 2014!!!!


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