[Hongjecheon][Seodaemun Hongjecheon] Ansan Herb Garden 본문

[Hongjecheon][Seodaemun Hongjecheon] Ansan Herb Garden

놀러와요 서대문/Global Seodaemun(글로벌서대문) 2014. 5. 27. 10:02

[Hongjecheon][Seodaemun Hongjecheon] 

 Ansan Herb Garden

It is a perfect time for walking and outdoor activities due to nice weather!  Isn't it?

While you are walking around the city of Seoul

you may be considering where to go for walk and have a rest with your friends, partners and family.

We, Tong, will recommend you Hongjecheon in Seoudaemun-gu you can do these things!

Hongjecheon includes river, bicycle road, herb garden, benches and exercise equipment much more!


In particular, today Tong will lead you to explore Ansan Herb Garden!

Would you like to come with me?

Ansan Herb Garden opens to public with herb floral scent with music.

It is harmonized well with nature and garden!

Week-Day AM 7:00 - PM 7:00

Weekend AM 9:00 - PM 7:00

At the entrance, various flowers and herbs welcome Tong!

Picture time in front of flowers!

"Let's take a picture guys!"

Along the watery road, you can enjoy the sound of water and

floral herb scent, you will simply enjoy the nature!

In this coming week, you can enjoy the floral herb scent whilst

listening the music and having a nice brunch with friends, partners, family

in Ansan Herb Garden

Healing time in the central Seoul!

Would you like to come with me, Tong, to Ansan Herb Garden?



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