[Acacia][How To Make Acacia Tea]Weekend Dating Route Ansan Jarakgil♥ 본문

[Acacia][How To Make Acacia Tea]Weekend Dating Route Ansan Jarakgil♥

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[Acacia][How To Make Acacia Tea]

Weekend Dating Route Ansan Jarakgil♥

Can you smell something floral scent?

If you do not have money and time to go else where on sunny day,

how about going out to Seodaemun Ansan-Jarakgil with bringing some food and drinks?

It is called a 'healing place' for people living in a city.

In addition, it is famous for weekend dating route, walking route in the season of Spring and Summer, 

in May and June.

Recommended weekend dating route & walking route ~

Healing time in the city ~

Would you like to know Acacia whilst walking along Seodaemun Ansan-Jarakgil?

Acacia contains the meaning of Friendship and Love.

It has nice floral fragrance as well as preventing climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide!


Acacia flowers fragrance fragrant is often used to help stomach disorder,

inflammation of the kidneys.

Flower tea for healing our body!

After putting Acacia flowers placed in honey till getting ferment drink,

I will let you know how to make an-iced Acacia tea in summer time! :)

How To Make Acacia Tea

(1) Wash gently Acacia flowers and drain the water

(2)  Acacia flowers in a dried bottle -> put the honey by repeated order

(3) After 15 days sealed fermented tea, Acacia tea is ready to drink!

Among a wide variety of Acacia flowers,

you can put on a plate a nice fragrance of acacia flowers, 

such as typical acacia honey, acacia tea, acacia fries etc.

How do you think? You can enjoy the smell and taste of Acacia as well as

weekend dating route recommendation, walking route recommendation!

You can walk along Acacia road through Ansan-Jarakgil!

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