[Guest House][Hostel] Are you ready for traveling to S.Korea? 본문

[Guest House][Hostel] Are you ready for traveling to S.Korea?

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[Guest House][Hostel] 

Are you ready for traveling to S.Korea?

Whassup! all the fans of Tong?

Are you looking forward to a trip to S.Korea and considering which place is best to stay?

If you found for travel in Seoul, I recommend you to enjoy a place, Shinchon!

Sinchon is Korea's largest entertainment district for young generation

It is a perfect spot to unwind yourself 

while watching Korean dramas in the room after a whole day of traveling. 

ISinchon, you could easily fall in love with endless amazing coffee shops or cafes,(+pubs :)) 

mouth-watering Korean barbeque restaurants, vibrant clubs or bars, Good food restaurant

and a shopping-so good eye shopping- Sinchon street which is always crowded with people.

Have you decided where to stay? Not Yet? NOT YET?

Sinchon Hostel is right smacked in the middle of Edae (Ehwa Women's University). 

The nearest subway station is Ewha Womans University 

and the hostel is just a five-minute walk from Exit 2 of the station. 

There are many prominent landmarks to help you locate the hostel. 

Sinchon Hostel  http://www.sc-hostel.com/english/

90-15, DaeHyeon-Dong, SeoDaeMun-Gu, Seoul 

서울시 서대문구 이화여대 3길 29

Tel : +82 2 744 8000

E-mail : schostel@gmail.com

Kimchee Guesthouse Sinchon branch boasts the largest size in six branches

taking up a whole building and receiving the largest number of tourists. 

It is not only located on a prime spot, but also provide good facility 

and comfortable bedding for its price.

The three main charming point of Kimchee Guesthouse are the accommodation fee, 

communication and location.

Kimchee Guesthouses in Seoul provide a truly unique travelers experience which offers you a safe, 

comfortable and low price accommodation with great facilities. 

Enjoy free Wi-Fi, cozy common areas with TV & computers,

and of course a great friendly atmosphere where you can meet other like minded people.

Kimchee Guesthouse  http://kimcheeguesthouse.com/sinchon/

Seoul Seodaemun-gu Changcheon-dong 503-19

서울시 서대문구 창천동 503-19  

Tel (in Korea) : 02-322-8026(Reservation)

     (outside of Korea) : +82-2-322-8026

E-mail : sinchon@kimcheekorea.com

J guesthouse is the most convenient guesthouse in Sinchon. 
It is close to every amenity a guest could possibly need within 5-minute walk. 
Every room comes with  Wi-Fi, an ensuite washroom, kitchenette, 
Door lock system, Cable TV, Refrigerator.
J guesthouse has rooms for every type of traveler – dorm rooms, single rooms, 
family rooms, and private rooms.

J guesthouse  http://www.jguesthouse.com/index.html

6F, 57-23, Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Shinchon / Hongdae, Seoul

서울 서대문구 연세로5나길 8 

Tel +82-2-766-7406

E-mail : hostelseoul@yahoo.co.kr

The Korean Wave(so-called Han-ryu), is attracting many foreign tourists, 
especially the youth, to the ‘land of the morning calm.
Along with this, demand for guesthouses is on the rise as well. 

Korean guesthouses have been rapidly emerging as a ‘hot’ accommodation spot 
not just for tourists from abroad but for Koreans as well.

Hence, there're more than 80 hostels or guesthouses all around Sinchon area.

Hope you have an unforgettable memories and enjoy your staying in Sinchon
which is one of the top spots of Seoul regarding food and party/going out.

Have a good time in Shinchon!

Feel the Young,

Enjoy your Interesting!!!




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