Do you know the meaning of 'Rose Day'? 본문

Do you know the meaning of 'Rose Day'?

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Do you know the meaning of 'Rose Day'? 

Rose Day/ May 14th

In South Korea, Rose Day is annually held on May 14th.

It is an informal anniversary when a couple gives rose

to each other as a gift! :)

So today, Tong, would like to tell you about one of informal anniversary, Rose Day!

If you are considering what you want to get for your girlfriend/boyfriend on May 14th,

take a look this posting!

Red Rose~

Red rose is the most widely love types of rose!

Red rose carries the meaning of passion, beautiful, and full of joy.

Red rose with bud contains a pure love and confession so that

it is widely used when a boyfriend propose to girlfriend.

In Korea, a bouquet of Rose has four different meanings

100 Rose Bouquet means 'I love you very much'

365 Rose Bouquet means 'I will love you the entire year' 

1 Rose means 'I only love you'

101 Rose Bouquet means 'Proposal'!

Is it better to know the meaning of present when you give rose to your partner?


A bouquet of rose with perfume is a good combination of gift to woman!

Especially, rose perfume will lead woman to have feminine scent!

Even if it is not for rose perfume, 

a perfume which contains pheromone will be able to make a couple to get closer!


Some people created their own necklace with their name on i!

Why don't you have a think of it on rose day for your partner?

Even, simple jewllery too!

Jewllery always feel woman loved!

A present for your partner on rose day is not fixed!

So, don't worry!

Feel free to get something he/she likes to your lover

Even, a letter with a rose?!

Tong, would not really mind that one!

Happy Rose Day Everyone!

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