[May Events] Special Days in Korea 본문

[May Events] Special Days in Korea

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[May Events] Special Days in Korea

In May, there are lots of events going on in Korea!

 We called the month of 'May' as Family Month!

As you can see the below calendar May 2014, you can easily realise 

how many special days celebrated on whole month of May in Korea!

 Is not it surprising?

Today, We, Tong, would like to tell you in detail about what is happening in May 2014!

We will keep posting about these special days in this blog, 

so keep checking our blog!





1st May - Labour Day




Labour day is an annual holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers in Korea.

For many other countries, Labour Day is celebrated on a different date,

for example, it is celebrated on the first Monday of September and considered the official end

of the summer holiday for most of respective countries in Canada and the U.S. 

But, here in Korea we celebrate on 1st of May!


2nd May - National Cucumber Day (5/2 means cucumber in Korea)



Rural Development Administration Korea has set 2nd of May as National Cucumber Day to raise

awareness of Korea's local cucumber industry, to raise profit for local cucumber farmers in Korea.

05/02 write in Korean number means Cucumbers!

Is not it fun to learn about Korean?


5th May - Children's Day




5th May is officially recognised as Children's Day (어린이날).

Parents often give presents to their children, as well as spend time with them on that day.

The children are taken on excursions to zoos, museums, and various venues

of children-oriented entertainment.


The children's welfare law written in the constitution officially designated May 5 as Children's Day in 1961.

And by 'the law of holiday of government office', Children's day became a holiday in Korea in 1970.


6th May - Buddha's Birthday




In Korea, the birthday of Buddha is celebrated according to the Lunisolar calendar.

This day is called Seokga tansinil (석가탄신일), meaning "Buddha's birthday" or

 Bucheonim osin nal (부처님 오신 날) meaning "the day when the Buddha came".

Lotus lanterns cover the entire temple throughout the month which are often flooded down the street. 

On the day of Buddha's birth, many temples provide free meals and tea to all visitors. 

The breakfast and lunch provided are often sanchae bibimbap.



8th May - Parents' Day




In South Korea, Parent's Day is annually held on May 8th. Parent's Day is celebrated by both the public

and the government. Family events focus on the parents; popular actions include giving parents Carnations.

Public events are led by the Ministry of Health and Welfare include public celebrations and awards.

14th May - Rose Day


In South Korea, Rose Day is annually held on May 14th. 

It is the day when couple gives rose to each other as a gift.

15th May - Teachers' Day


Teachers' Days are intended to be special days for the appreciation of teacher and may include celebrations

to honour them for their special contributions in a particular field area, or the community in general. 

The date on which Teachers' day is celebrated varies from country to country. 

Teachers' days are distinct from World Teachers' Day 

which is officially celebrated across the world on October 5.

19th May -  Coming of Age Day & Inventors' Day


In Korea, the Monday of the third week of May is "Coming of Age Day"

Coming of Age is a young person's transition from adolescence to adulthood.

The age at which this transition takes place varies in society,

as does the nature of transition. It can be a simple legal convention or can be part of a ritualistic cycle,

 similar to those once practiced by many societies.

 Inventors' Day is a day of the year set aside by a country to recognise the contributions of inventors.



Apart from these special day in above, there are various types of specially celebrated day,

for example, 5.18 Gwangju Democratisation Movement(18th May), 

Couple's Day(21st May), Disaster Prevention Day & International Missing Children's Day(25th Day),

World No Tobacco Day (31st May) and so on!

It seems like tons of special days celebrated on the whole months of May in Korea!

But, it is a good way to think twice someone we love on these day and 

show them how much we consider them as a special person in our life!

Why don't you get a small gift on upcoming special day

 for your friends, family and partners?

Share your appreciation, unconditional love, hope with them!



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