Recommened Dating Place!♥ Sinchon Car-Free Street! 본문

Recommened Dating Place!♥ Sinchon Car-Free Street!

놀러와요 서대문/Global Seodaemun(글로벌서대문) 2014. 5. 19. 13:48

♥ Recommended Dating Place in Seoul ♥

Places to Eat and Places to Enjoy in Sinchon Car-Free Street!


Are you in doubt where to go on a date with your girlfriend or boyfriend every weekend?

Come with me, Tong to see, eat and enjoy in Sinchon car-free street

where you can feel the live of youth!!



Punch bag Time!

Woop!! Woop!! Who will be the winner?



First of all, you can see and join the punch bag time!

Don't be scared! They won't hurt you at all! It's just for fun!

Many men from various aged group have joined this punch bag time!

It seemed like it was not going to stop! :)

Family, friends, couples and foreigners have enjoyed watching this special event in Sinchon!

Of course, you can join too!



Hey-Yo! Have you ever heard of a long-board?

Long-board is famouse outdoor sports for young people these days.

People who interested in long-board have gathered together in Sinchon Car-Free Street

 to participate in the First Korea Longboard Festival 2014!



Children looked enjoying as much as adults, aren't they?


After having fun time in Sinchon Car-Free Street, are you getting hungry?

So, it's time to eat something delicious! Let's go! :)



This is an whole red bean ice dessert!! This is one of famous dessert in Sinchon!

It sells at Mealtop Coffee Shop in Sinchon Hyundai Department Store 12th Floor!

It is included a mixed with Korean red beans and milk as well as a yummy rice cake on top of it!

Isn't it sound delicious?


After walking around Sinchon Car-Free Street a couple of hours,

We, Tong would like to eat something different!

We,Tong can introduce you  a Croquette shop, where selling four different types of Croquettes!

There are Potato Croquette, Pork Croquette, Curry Croquette, and Kimchi Croquette!

We, Tong have had Pork and Kimchi Croquette!

It tasted amazing as the photo shown above!

We, Tong can prouodly receommend to try it one there!


Happy and Dynamic time whilst walking around Sinchon Yeonsero Care-Free Street!

Let's have fun time with me, Tong in Sinchon~!!



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